This is a very important topic and many people have expressed concern about the future of Mullion Post Office.

Until the future of the Post Office has been resolved we will keep you updated with the latest information we have.

Each entry will have the date when it was added with new items at the top so that you can quickly tell if there have been any updates.

October 21st

Cornwall Council has approvd the revised plan submitted by  the Co-Op.

October 19th

The Co-Op has submitted a revised plan which addresses some of the concerns about the entrance.  These changes can be viewed here.

May 24th

Martin Raftery provided Mullion Parish Council with a copy of the Post Office consultation documents and asked us to make them available to anyone wishes to see them.  The doument can be accessed by clicking here.  (Names and other personal information was removed by The Post Office). 

May 17th

Mullion Parish Council resolved to support the Co-Op planning applications with concerns over the removal of the entrance wall.  The full reponse can be found on the Cornwall Council by clicking here.

May 12th:  Key points from the public meeting arranged by Derek Thomas M.P.

The meeting took place in a packed school room.

The current situation is that The Post Office do not plan to revisit the decision to locate the post office at Mullion Meadows.

Applicants have until May 31st to submit new sites for the post office.

The Post Office are aware of the interest from the Co-Op, but that the application can only proceed once the Co-Op have committed premises in Mullion. 

However The Poist Office made a commitment that Mullion would not be without a post office and Derek Thomas informed the meeting that The Post Office is paid by the government to keep post offices open in rural areas.


May 5th

Letter from Derek Thomas announcing a meeting with Post Office officials on May 12th.

I have now received confirmation from the Post Office Ltd regarding my request to hold a meeting for residents concerned about post office services in Mullion and the local area.

Thursday 12th May in the Methodist School Room at 12 noon.

The meeting is as follows and is open to all:

I fully appreciate that this time will be difficult for a number of people who are concerned about this issue. Unfortunately this was the earliest date and time that the Post Office and I could commit to. Please be assured that any comments and queries people send to me will be forwarded to the Post Office.

Kind Regards

Derek Thomas 

Member of Parliament for St Ives

April 30th

While we would all like the status quo to continue, sadly this is not possible. Although Mullion Meadows would have been a good location for the Post Office, deep down, we would all rather have it closer to the village. Now we have the very real possibility we can keep it where it is.  Having a new business in the village, rather than yet another empty shop front also has to be good for the village, attracting customers and creating jobs. There are still many details to be sorted out before this can happen, but let's all get behind the new proposal and be prepared to accept some compromise for the good of the village. 

April 29th

Late this afternoon, the Mullion parish Council received the followimg statement from the Co-Op.

I've taken the opportunity of re-looking at our plans and we would be able to accommodate a Post Office counter within our store kiosk. This would be able to provide all the main elements that the current shop does bar a few rarely used services. Naturally this would be subject to agreement from Post Office Ltd and their public consultation process we will start this discussion with them.

We are also going to take the moment to see if we can fit in an ATM given the size of our store this will have to be fitted externally and will then be subject to planning permission.

I hope this will provide you with some comfort with regard to our desire. We still have some legal work to complete in taking over the building and our store through the processes that are required to fit it out.

If all this goes well we would hope to see you on the opening day sometime in early Autumn.

April 28th Click here to read the Statement from Mullion Parish Council

April 28th Click here to read the Statement from Mullion Parish Council

April 28th Click here to read the Post Office Consultation Decision

April 28th  Use of Existing Post Office Building

The Co-Op has submitted a planning application to create a convenience store with associated parking at the current Post Office.

Full details can be found by clicking on the application number PA16/03355 or click here to go to our Planning Page.

This will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on May17th, but you can submit comments to Cornwall Council by clicking here.

 cument.  Please do not contact the Mullion Parish Council as we have no further information.

Until the situation is resolved, we will keep this page up to date with the latest inormation.

Thursday 12th May in the Methodist School Room at 12 noon.